Montessori students join homeschoolers for a STEM Fair

On Saturday May 11, Pinewoods Montessori will host their inaugural STEM fair. Members of the elementary class will be joined by local home school students in a presentation of projects that span science, technology, engineering and math.

“This is our first science fair of any kind, and the students are very excited,” says JoAnn Rubin, Pinewoods elementary teacher. She has provided in class instruction on the components of a typical science fair presentation and encouraged parents to let their children complete as much of the work. “We have some students as young as six years old participating. Usually science fairs start when children are eight or nine. Of course, their projects will be simpler, but the experience will give them a taste the scientific process.”

Projects planned include a solar car track, bubble gum tests, banana DNA and jump rope analysis.

The STEM Fair will run from 10am to 2pm. Presentations will be set up throughout the Pinewoods Montessori facility. Community members are welcome.

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