Triangle Montessori Academy Hosts a Soccer Day

The Triangle Montessori Academy of Cary recently hosted a Soccer demonstration day.   The soccer demonstration was inline with the school’s mission of, “ create[ing] a loving and prepared environment for children ages three to six years where all children are empowered through self-directed activity to express their natural passion to learn and discover.” 

Find more images of the Soccer demo gallery click here.

For more information on current enrollment and openings, please contact the school at, 540-580 E. Chatham Street Cary NC, 27511, Phone: (919)463-7770, Fax: (919)463-7782.

Tips For Family Music Time

Montessori families and music go together like fish and water.  In a recent post from Sew Liberated, a very involved family lifestyle blog with an emphasis on sewing, we are given the chance to get a very Montessori minded parent’s view of how to introduce your kids to music time.

We don’t have a schedule in place for family music time. It happens organically, when one of us, adult or little one, feels thus moved.  This morning, Finn finished his oatmeal, hopped out of his chair, and zoomed over to play the washboard.  With no second thoughts or “we need to clean up after breakfast first” parent-y statements, we left our dirty dishes on the table and joined him. Lachlan had other plans, namely pushing his stroller around, but he eventually joined in, too.

We were recently gifted an old swing set by our neighbors, and have found it to be an unlikely help in the music department. I call it “captive music time,” when the boys are happily swinging and often “singing” along, yet both Patrick and I can bring out a few chairs, sit down with our guitars,

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International Montessori School of Durham Releases Official Nut Policy

In 2012 one of the biggest health concerns of school administrators is the safe handling of nut based foods.  The International Montessori School (Durham) like thousands of schools across the country have taken the preventative measure of issuing a standard nut policy for their children that may have an allergic reaction to nuts.  Find more on the policy below:

The International Montessori School (IMS) is a non-profit educational organization that promotes bilingualism (French and Spanish) at all ages, with particular emphasis on the early childhood and lower elementary years.   For more information on their current openings please call Telephone: (919) 401-4343.



-Nut products of any kind

-Peanut butter, Almond butter, Cashew butter

-Any food with the following on the label:

~ ‘CONTAINS or MAY CONTAIN NUTS’ Continue reading International Montessori School of Durham Releases Official Nut Policy

Cary Montessori Preschool Costa Rican Summer Camp Almost Full

Imagine beating the heat and humidity of North Carolina with a tour of the Costa Rican Rain Forest.  Well many Cary families are doing just that at a local preschool.  The Renaissance Montessori School of Cary is set to complete their last summer camp starting July 30th, 2012.   With limited spaces available interested parents can get more information today by calling 919) 439-0130.  More Details below:

Session 3 July 30th-August 17th

Week 1 The Rain Forest of Costa Rica

  • Where is Costa Rica? Let’s find it on a map.
  • What is a rainforest?
  • Making a terrarium and adding tropical plants
  • Painting flowers of the rainforest
  • Grinding coffee for Mom and Dad
  • Experiencing the words and art work of “The Umbrella” by Jan Brett

Week 2 Bugs, Birds and Butterflies

Montessori Children’s House of Durham hosts Annual Alumni Picnic

At Montessori Children’s House of Durham it is truly a family affair.  During a recent 30th Anniversary celebration, more than 40 recent and not so recent alumni stopped by to show their support.  Find more pictures here. 

Also the school is still accepting (limited basis) applications for the pending school year, to schedule an appointment please call Main Office Phone: 919.489.9045 or visit this page.

North Carolina Could See Up to 33 New Charter Schools

According to a recent report from the Parents For Education Freedom In North Carolina, the state could open as many as 33 new charter schools by the 2013-14 school year.

The Public Charter School Advisory Council completed their charter school applicant interviews last week for schools looking to open in the 2013-14 school year. The Council conducted 30 interviews over the span of three days which enabled candidates to present responses to questions raised by the Council since their application were initially submitted in April.

Of the 30 applicants selected for interviews, the Council approved 25 schools. Those public charter applications are now sent to the State Board of Education for approval at their August meeting. The counties with the most applicants approved were Mecklenburg County with 5 schools and New Hanover County with 3 schools. Mecklenburg County currently has 11 public charter schools while New Hanover County has 2.

The Triangle Montessori School Association is currently home to a Montessori Charter School named Casa Esperanza in Raleigh.  For more information please visit their site.