Montessori Children’s House Lead Teacher at Renaissance Montessori School of Cary

Montessori Children’s House Lead Teacher

Renaissance Montessori School of Cary- Cary, NC 27511

Renaissance Montessori is a bilingual (English/Spanish) preschool serving children from 18 months through six years old. Each classroom is staffed with an English and Spanish teacher. This job does not require

This job does not require candidate to be bilingual. Renaissance Montessori is affiliated with the International Montessori Council (IMC), and several senior IMC members serve on our Advisory Board. Our teachers are all fully Montessori trained with years of teaching experience.

The founders have worked for years at The Center for Guided Montessori Studies, one of the most reputable Montessori teacher training programs in America.

Job Summary

The Children’s House Lead is directly responsible for the organization, establishment, and maintenance of a new classroom at Renaissance Montessori. The Lead candidate must be Montessori Certified through a MACTE approved training program.

Major areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to:

 Setting up a new classroom with the guidance of staff.

 Understanding and promoting the school’s mission, vision and goals with families, community and other staff members.

 Preparing the Montessori classroom environment to meet the children’s needs and interest.

 Presenting consistent individual and group lessons to the students and supporting each child’s direction and success.

 Maintaining records and evaluations.

 Continue professional development as required by the State of North Carolina and school administration.

Applicants must have:

 Montessori certification through a MACTE certified program

 Genuine love and warmth for children and families.

 Ability to lead a class of up to 18 children with an assistant teacher.

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