Students Experience Hands-On Coastal Marine Science at Fort Caswell

Pinewoods Montessori in Hillsborough travels to Fort CaswellThis past fall, the elementary students at Pinewoods Montessori traveled to Oak Island for an overnight trip to Fort Caswell. The students participated in the Coastal Environmental Education Program, which explored the flora and fauna of the tidal and estuary areas.

Following an educational program from material from NOAA, the US EPA and the NC Coastal Federation, the students fished for crabs, net-fished for plankton and then studied their findings in the lab. Elementary teachers JoAnn Rubin and Brittany Rodriguez assisted the onsite educators and seven parent chaperones accompanied the students.

“It was a one of a kind experience for the children, “ said Ms. Rubin. “They weren’t just looking at pictures of the ocean and the dunes. They were getting their feet wet and their hands sandy, seeing real science in action. It brings the subject matter to life — and brings them closer to the environment around us.”

Parent and chaperone, Patricia Berge, agreed. “It was fascinating to see students’ expressions as they discovered different types of plankton under the microscopes,” she said. As a high school science teacher, Ms. Berge had a unique perspective into the curriculum. “This type of experience allowed them to be genuinely engaged in their learning.”

The field trip also included a history hay ride around historic Fort Caswell as well as a lesson on the phases of the moon–complete with Oreo cookies to demonstrate.

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